July 27, 2020 –
High-end smartphones have been equipped with Cornings Gorilla Glass for years, which is scratch, crack and break resistant and protects phone displays. Gorilla Glass 6 was launched in 2018, and this year Corning has something new in store – Gorilla Glass Victus.

New high-end smartphones will soon contain the toughest glass that Corning has ever created. The company announced Gorilla Glass Victus. This should be able to withstand falls from a height of up to two meters.

According to Corning, the new Victus glass is both splash and scratch resistant. The company states that it is about twice as scratch-resistant as Gorilla Glass 6 and four times as resistant as competing glass. A dummy phone that is representative of the company and covered with Victus can withstand a fall from a height of up to two meters. Corning outperforms itself by around one and a quarter meters, because Gorilla Glass 6 is said to survive falls of up to 1. meters.

Corning also says that the resistance to repeated falls has also improved, and that the glass survives an average of 20 falls from a meter height. For Gorilla Glass 6, the company claimed it survived an average of 15 falls from the same height. (swe)