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Home News Gorbachev responded to accusation of "surrendering" Eastern Europe

Gorbachev responded to accusation of "surrendering" Eastern Europe

MOSCOW, Nov 11 – RIA News. Former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev, in an interview with Figaro, responded to allegations that he had "surrendered Eastern Europe."

According to him, the reaction of the Soviet leadership to what was happening in the countries of this region was part of the “new thinking” policy, which was based on the principles of freedom of choice. The former USSR leader added that neighboring states only received rights and freedoms that Soviet citizens were content with, but he did not agree that he had "surrendered Eastern Europe."

“To whom did I pass it? Poland to the Poles, Hungary to the Hungarians, and Czechoslovakia to the Czechs and Slovaks,” Gorbachev objected.

Earlier, the politician called the organizers of the August putsch responsible for the collapse of the USSR. Gorbachev also admitted that he was aware of the risks of perestroika, but could not help but accept them because of the need for change.



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