13 oct 2021 20:17 GMT

In this way, the company seeks to provide greater security to high-profile people such as public officials, politicians, journalists and human rights activists.

Google announced last Friday that it will give security keys to 10,000 “high risk” users of services such as Gmail, Drive or Photos until the end of this year to better protect them from cyber attacks, ‘phishing’, ‘malware’ and unauthorized access to your personal data in company accounts.

Under the Advanced Protection Program, Google also plans to go a step further in protecting individuals and organizations “who are at increased risk from targeted attacks online, such as elected officials, political campaigns, rights activists. humans and journalists “.

“We have an entire team at Google dedicated to detecting and stopping the world’s most sophisticated cybercriminals, and we’ve spent years working on advanced security solutions, like our Advanced Protection Program, that users can activate to instantly increase their protection against these types of attacks, “the company wrote in a statement.

Security keys are a physical tool that provides two-step identification to access an account, and they are often connected via USB or NFC.

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