Google Stadia lowers revenue sharing for game developers

As of October, Google Stadia will only demand 15 percent of sales from game developers. This, provided that it does not exceed three million US dollars.

the essentials in brief

  • In future, game developers Google Stadia will only have to share 15 percent of sales.
  • However, if this is over three million US dollars, a higher proportion must be given.
  • Companies should also benefit more from subscription income in the future.

Google Stadia lowers revenue sharing for game developers and publishers. As of October 1st, they will only have to give up 15 percent of sales instead of the 30 percent customary in the industry, as «Heise» reports.

Thus, the cloud gaming service wants to become more attractive. However, if the revenue exceeds $ 3 million, more must be paid.

In addition, game companies should benefit more from Google Stadia’s subscription income: All games that are new to Stadia Pro receive 70 percent of the income gained through subscriptions. These vary depending on the user activities in the games.

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