Take a closer look at the design of the Google Pixel 6 and all its news thanks to this official video.

The Google Pixel 6 has long since ceased to be a mystery. Faced with the barrage of leaks on the new terminals of the brand, the company itself Google decided to announce the Pixel 6 to the world, confirming its design and much of its technical specifications, despite the fact that it was still several months away from its presentation.

Today, we know that The Pixel 6 will arrive sometime in the fall of this year, but for now the exact filing date from the terminals. However, the firm does not seem to intend to change its marketing strategy, and little by little it is showing more and more details of its next flagship phones.

This time, Google has published the first official video announcement of its new Pixel 6, where the company highlights the strengths of this new generation of the Google Pixel family.

The Google Pixel 6, with its perforated screen and Android 12.

A closer look at the Pixel 6 thanks to its first official announcement

In the ad, the company highlights both the new features of the Pixel 6 as the new functions of Android 12, a version that should debut this September, just before seeing the light next to the Pixel 6 in the fall.

The brand highlights, among other things, the capabilities of the device “Get better over time” by learning from the user and adapting to their needs. In that sense, they take the opportunity to remember that the Pixel 6 will be the first smartphones in history with a Google-designed processor: Tensor.

They also show the ability to adaptation of the software, thanks to the new dynamic themes of Material You, which give the operating system a different style, depending on the wallpaper set by the user.

In this sense, the company has also published a picture on your Instagram profile, where it shows several Pixel 6s with different applied themes.

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