Google Maps It is one of the applications that we use the most and that cannot be missing on our mobile phone. Whether to travel or to move around our city, this Google application has surely solved your life on more than one occasion. And it is one of the most used mobile applications, specifically accumulates more than 1 billion users.

This application has many functionalities, some of them better known and others less. Today we explain some tricks Google Maps that can be very useful for your day to day.

Use offline maps and routes

This option can be very useful for those times when you do not have an Internet connection or the connection is very weak. Google Maps allows you to use offline city maps and without knowing, therefore, your exact location. You can also download the route What do you want to do in order to have it stored on your mobile phone and avoid spending Internet while you visit it?

Download route

Measure distances

This function, surely one of the least used, will allows to know the linear distance between point A and point B and know how far or near the point you are interested in from a specific place. To activate this function, you must select a starting point, pressing on the icon that shows the location. When you have done this, a menu will be displayed where you will find the option to measure distances. You will see that when you select it, you will be enabled a blue line that you must lead to your final destination in order to measure the distance you want.

Save the parking

Surely many of you have happened that you have left the car parked in a place and then you do not remember exactly what place it was. Well, Google Maps has a solution for all these cases that can be very useful for you. And this solution is save the location of the place where you have parked. To do this, all you have to do is open the application when you get out of the car and click on the icon that shows your location. Once done, a menu will appear that will offer you, among other options, the option to save the parking. When you do, you will have stored and identified your location with a “P” for parking.

Save location

Create lists of favorite places

This other trick can also be very useful to organize yourself. For example, when you are traveling, you can keep a list of all the monuments you want to visit with their respective locations, in order to know where each of them is, to define a good route and organize when you will visit each of them. To do so, all you have to do is locate yourself on the map and look for the monuments or places that you are interested in visiting. If you click on them, a window will be displayed with photos and information about them. Here you can find the “Save” option. And, once you click on save, it will open the option of which list to save it on. You can create a new list with the name of the place you are going to travel to and add all the places of interest you want to visit. It can also be very useful for your city, creating lists of different aspects that may interest you: supermarkets, concrete stores, restaurants, etc.