A series of images captured by Google Maps have thrilled thousands of fans of the Chapulín Colorado, the superhero created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños for his humorous program Chespirito.

The author of the peculiar finding stated that he was taking a virtual tour with Google Maps through an area of ​​Texas, in U.S, in order to find one of the locations where the program for this colorful character was recorded. After an intense search he was amazed to discover something curious.

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As can be seen in the images captured by Google Maps, the young explorer managed to locate a small business premises named after the famous character created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños.

This American place took the name of the popular superhero and has become very popular on social networks, so much so that if you place Chapulín Colorado on Google Maps, you will be able to place it among the first results.

We invite you to review the photos captured by Google Maps cameras that soon became a trend on social networks. You just have to slide the main image from right to left.

One of the most absurd episodes of the Chapulín colorado

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Great Google Maps tricks

Believe it or not, Google Maps has an infinity of tricks, that few users know, that will be very useful utility and they will make you the envy of your friends, family, coworkers, among other people.

If you want to know all these secret tricks and tips To take advantage of Google Maps, then do not hesitate to review the following video of YouTube which collects the hidden methods of the application developed by the technology giant.

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This was the route of the Google Maps car in Peru

Very few people know this, but the Google Maps car drove the streets of Lima several years ago, this in order to take 360-degree photographs that are used so that any user can make a virtual visit to our country.

The following video, which has thousands of views on YouTube, shows us all the details of the visit of the Google Maps car to Peru. Likewise, we can see how this vehicle traveled several streets of Lima and the reactions it caused.

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Other Google Maps tricks you sure don’t know

Google Maps has so many secret tricks that a youtuber decided to collect a good amount of them in a video and her work soon became a trend on social networks, where thousands have congratulated her for her selfless work.

The audiovisual material, which has thousands of views on YouTube, shows little-known tricks from Google Maps and if you want to become an expert in this application, then do not hesitate to play the next video that is trending.

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How to use Google Maps without Internet?

Despite being very popular, many people still do not know how to use Google Maps correctly, nor the secret tricks that this application has, one of them will allow you to use the application without the need to be connected to the Internet.

The following viral video published on YouTube shows you the steps you must follow to be able to use Google Maps on your cell phone, even if you are not connected to the Internet, a secret trick that very few people know.

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Add your business to Google Maps

If you are a small businessman and you want your business to appear on the application of Google Maps, then you have to follow the following steps that are extremely simple and that will allow you to show your company to the world.

The audiovisual material, which has been seen by thousands of people, allows you to dealEven if it is small, it appears when a person checks your area with Google Maps. If you want to learn it, hit play next video.

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Badabun collects curious findings

The channel of YouTube Badabun‘famous for his show’ Exposing Infidels’, recently published a video It shows the most curious findings that Google Maps cameras have made in different parts of the world.

As you can see in the videowhich is a success in social networks, the Google Maps cameras captured several strange figures and some of them still do not have an explanation, so many were surprised to see them.

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Girl imitates voice from Google Maps

In Facebook y YouTube A video with a girl who became famous on social networks was shared a few weeks ago, after she recorded a video imitating the voice of Google Maps in a perfect way.

As seen in the video, which is a success on social networks, the girl perfectly imitates the voice of Google Maps, the virtual assistant used by thousands of drivers around the world to easily reach their destinations.

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So you can report traffic incidents

A few weeks ago, Google Maps implemented the speedometer, the traffic incident report has also been added. Now users can notify other drivers of the presence of an accident, a hold or a mobile radar on the road.

Google Maps has become the application most used by users to go to a certain place, be it the workplace or study center. You can see the steps to report an incident in this video.

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So you can activate the dark mode of Google Maps

Google Maps offers the possibility of activating the dark mode in its interface, specifically when we enter the navigation mode, which makes it easier to improve visibility at night, converting the maps to dark gray tones.

However, the dark theme of Google Maps is different from that offered by other platforms, since it does not yet have the ability to completely affect the entire interface of the application, but only when a new navigation route is started. Watch this video for more details.

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Create amazing 360 degree photos with Google Maps

Google Street View, a feature of Google Maps that offers a panoramic and immersive view to explore streets and cities, has a function that allows you to obtain 360-degree images in a simple way.

You will not need expensive photographic equipment or specialized knowledge to create panoramic photos, you will only require your smartphone camera and the Street View application, available for both iPhone and iOS. The following video gives you more details of this Google Maps trick.

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Google Maps shows the speed at which you drive

Google Maps does not stop constantly updating since only a few days ago it was announced that the application will notify the user if the taxi driver deviates from the fastest route. Now Google has quietly added new functionality. The app now includes a speedometer.

The speedometer came, without too many ads, to Google Maps as one of the most demanded functions by users. It is a new tool that will allow different profiles to know the exact speed at which they move at all times. Watch this video for more details.

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Try to locate the ‘school’ of El Chavo del 8 and make a tender discovery

Photos captured by Google Maps cameras have gone viral and have surprised thousands of users, as it shows a curious discovery made by a young man. The boy was taking a virtual tour of the streets of Mexico with the aim of finding the school at El Chavo del 8, where Professor Jirafales taught, a character played by actor and comedian Rubén Aguirre. He never imagined that he would find out a tender secret.

One of the most fervent followers of El Chavo del 8 decided to search Google Maps for the school where the sketch of Professor Jirafales’ little school was recorded. After an intense search he was able to find a curious secret that no one would have imagined, which has become a trend in countries like Mexico, Spain and the United States.

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Google Maps will warn you if your taxi driver deviates from the route

One of the big concerns when we tackle a taxi It is if these are legit, although these can already be arranged through applications or have a route in GPS in sight, this is not always the case. There are always people who somehow try to cheat or often go astray with other intentions. Google Maps has implemented a tool which will be of great help in these cases.

Thanks to Google Maps you can track the route of your taxi to warn us in case of a major deviation from the most direct path. In addition to the recent speedometer which gives us the speed at which the vehicle is moving.

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Google Maps launches function that will alert about natural disasters

Google Maps not only wants to be a simple service of geolocationIt seeks to become a powerful tool that is useful in times of crisis and that will help you plan and prevent in the event of natural disasters.

Google has announced the arrival of the ‘SOS alerts‘to its popular map application, which will allow quick access to authorized information in real time on dangerous situations, such as earthquakes, hurricanes and even floods. This video has more details.

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Google will allow ordering food directly from Google Maps

Google It does not stop innovating and continues to renew its offer of services in its Applications. The company has focused in a special way on Google Maps, the application that has received the most novelties and among which navigation via augmented reality predominates.

But Google it doesn’t just stay there. Now it seeks to go further and will allow ordering food directly from Google Maps. Although for now its geographical launch is limited, food may be ordered delivery without the need of Applications from other companies.

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