Google lets partners test 3D holograms

About a year and a half ago, Google introduced Project Starline, a telepresence solution intended to give employees in different locations the feeling of being in the same room. According to Google, the technology works like a magic window through which users can talk, gesture and make eye contact with another person in life size and in 3D. This is made possible by a combination of machine learning, computer vision, spatial audio and light field display systems.

Now Google is starting an early access program for Project Starline. Partners of the technology group – including Salesforce, WeWork, T-Mobile and Hackensack Meridian Health – can now test the telepresence system in their own offices. In addition, more than 100 corporate partners from sectors such as media, healthcare and retail are invited to participate in demonstrations at Google offices.

According to Google, Project Starline has been in use for some time in its own offices in the US. “The results show that Project Starline can increase employee presence, attention and productivity compared to traditional video calling solutions,” it said. The employees felt connected to their counterpart and experienced the interaction as a natural conversation.

Also read: Major network operators are working on hologram telephony. To do this, they are working with the technology company Matsuko. Callers can meet their 3D interlocutor either in a virtual environment or with VR glasses.

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