Google-less /e/OS maker releases its own smartphone Murena One – Tablets and phones – News

I think there are quite a lot of people who would benefit from this, to be honest. People who want to use Google-less Android often end up with the microG-specific builds of LinageOS (which have a few hacked into to make stuff work). That in itself is a fine ROM, but it is quite barebones.

I think a ROM in which an alternative cloud host is built in (which you could easily set up yourself!) would be a great solution for a lot of those people. Completely the separate phone with this OS preinstalled is easy, no more messing around with bootloaders and ROMs and still use your own server.

It remains a niche audience, but this is an underrated niche in the Android world.

This could also be a godsend for companies that want to be able to manage company telephones, although a good MDM solution is still missing. A company phone that is connected to the company cloud seems to me to be a pretty good approach with which you can earn a lot of money as a service provider (if only with the support contracts).

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