Google introduces mandatory declaration for data collection

In the future, developers of Android apps will have to declare which data they collect and for what purpose. Google’s Play Store is introducing a new “data security” oversight, according to the Bleeping Computer website.

The app developers not only have to specify what data is collected, but also what data is shared with third parties and for what purpose. However, who exactly receives the data does not have to be specified.

This is what the new “Data Security” section should look like on the Play Store app view (Source: Google)

Currently, developers only need to link their privacy policies in the “More Information” section, but these are hosted externally and are not easily visible.

time until the end of July

Google is giving developers until July 20 to fill out a form declaring the data collection and purposes. Anyone who has not filled out the form by then could be penalized by Google, writes “Bleeping Computer”.

The Play Store will not proactively verify the information provided. If a developer is found to have provided false information, they must correct the information provided. However, Google could also exclude apps that violate data security guidelines from the Play Store.

Apple introduced a similar system back in 2020. At the time, Google was accused of wanting to actively prevent the disclosure of information on data protection, as you can read here.



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