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Announced a month ago, the measure becomes effective on 25 November. Here’s what it means and what to do

Most passwords continue to be insecure, and a million of them are stolen every week. There are many ways to strengthen our keywords, there are tips and even a web game that teaches us how to do it but Google has decided to use the “hard ways”. From tomorrow, November 25th, will activate two-step verification for 150 million accounts. But what does this mean?

Two-Step Verification is a procedure that strengthens password protection. AND

recommended by all security experts and it is no coincidence that many of us have already experimented with the more “sensitive” services. Just think of banking apps or Spid. In addition to entering your username and password, to access Google services you will need a second confirmation of identity. The fastest is through one of the Google apps: as soon as you receive the notification just, for example, open Gmail on your phone, touch the confirm button and you are inside. You can also choose to receive a code via text or voice message on our number. The choice is up to us.

Automatic activation is currently only confirmed for YouTube creators but anyone can activate 2-Step Verification. AND available for years and even if we are not among the “chosen” by Google it would be good to activate it. Compared to the traditional system, after all, it takes just a few more seconds but in terms of security there is no comparison. So let’s go to our Google Account (this is the direct link), choose Security and then, in the Access to Google section, go to Two-Step Verification. From here a wizard will take us to quickly configure the system. Easy and effective.

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