Google delays phasing out third-party tracking cookies in Chrome by six months

Out of convenience and a feeling of “it’s all too big for me as an individual to be able to change it”, I also use it all

Don’t be fooled, I often hear people think it’s an all-or-nothing choice and that all resistance is pointless. That is not true. There is an alternative for everything. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t do anything or that you have to leave everything behind at once. In that way it is indeed a high mountain that most people will never overcome. But that’s the wrong mindset. We don’t have to cross the whole mountain to get a bit higher.

Take search, for example, the point where Google excels at the rest. There are other search engines like startpage and duckduckgo that also come up with a good enough answer in 90% of the cases. Most of the things we look for are pretty easy.
So my browser searches by default with a different search engine. If that does not give the desired answer, I can send the same query to newsylist with 1 click. I do that almost every day, but I still keep more than 90% of my searches away from Google.

Don’t look at the problems, but at the possibilities to detach yourself from the ecosystem a bit.

. Android stock, Chrome, Google account etc etc. But mainly because in my opinion it takes a lot of effort to work around it for a less good user experience, features and convenience.

Personally, I would rather pay an amount for the services, apps etc and hope to have spent my money on a company that does not advertise, but earns money from my subscription.

The tricky question is whether you want to pay enough, namely hundreds of euros per year for a simple PC user. Companies like Google invest billions in developing their applications and they work on it for years. It is an almost impossible task for a new company to counteract this. The only ones who can make such an investment are other mega-companies.
A start-up can improve a small part, but never replicate the entire ecosystem. Conversely, the giants can replicate the work of the start-up, or simply buy the company.

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There is no point in waiting for better software or a paid solution, they will not come. Maybe the government can enforce something but I wouldn’t wait for it.

What is? Free software. That’s the only chance to break this yoke. Free software partially circumvents the investment problem. The software is not written for sale or for “free” users/victims. This allows multiple parties to invest independently of each other and spread it out over a longer period of time without this investment being automatically lost if it is not an immediate success.
To be clear, I’m not saying it’s easy or that success is guaranteed, just that other solutions are even more unlikely. Free software has a chance, the market cannot solve this problem, just replace one company with another.



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