Even the web page Google.com is finally getting rich with dark mode, or dark mode. This is the possibility of viewing the search page with a black background, maintaining legibility thanks to the appropriately contrasted characters. The “dark mode” style has made a comeback in recent years almost everywhere, and Google has started making it available in test form since last February.

Now Google’s dark mode is officially available as of yesterday, and it will be progressively made accessible over the next few weeks. The possibility of using the dark mode or not linked to your Google account, although it is not known which elements can give priority to availability.

To activate it, simply go to settings (at the bottom right of Google.com or by clicking on the gear button on the search results page) and click on “Appearance” to choose the dark mode. If the “Appearance” item is not displayed, it means that the dark mode is not yet available on the account.

Once enabled, will be available in all sections of Google.com such as News, Purchases, Books, Images and so on.


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