Google Clock has received a much-needed update that should fix the alarm clock issues. The problem occurred for alarm clocks playing a song from Spotify. Those alarms have to sound again, otherwise there is an emergency solution.

Spotify alarm clocks

Google Clock is the default alarm clock on Pixel phone, but also on phones from other brands, including OPPO. In recent days there has been a serious error with Klok that led to people not being woken up and arriving late for work. The problem also seemed to be widespread, even if not every user was affected by it. It’s a lot of trouble for a seemingly relatively simple app.

Google now has an update ready for Clock, version 6.4.4, which should fix the problem. As some users had already discovered, alarm clocks didn’t go off when they played a music from Spotify as an alarm clock sound. In contrast, alarm clocks that played one of the phone’s regular alarm sounds had no problem making noise. Google has now fixed the error, and if something goes wrong with the Spotify music, Clock will now let the standard sound of your phone go off.

Negative reviews for Clock

Has the error been resolved?

Version 6.4.1 of Google Clock can now be found as an update in the Play Store. Some people who suffered from the bug have already indicated that the error is now gone, but negative reviews are still being posted. If you need to get out of bed early, it may be safer to use a third-party app or your watch for a while.

Recently we asked our readers in a poll if they have experienced the problem with Klok 1386 people cast their votes. 44 percent said their alarms didn’t ring on their phone or tablet. Did you experience this problem and was the error fixed with the latest update? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.



This is the official Clock application from Google, previously only available on some Nexus devices. The application provides some basic functions such as being able to..

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