Google Chrome OS 102 reviews USB-C cables for users

May 30, 2022 –
Google Chromebook users benefit from a USB-C checker thanks to the updated operating system. This checks whether the USB-C cables used could lead to unexpected problems. In addition, under Chrome OS 102 Cursive becomes available for all Stylus Chromebooks and ZIP files can be extracted more easily.

Google is giving its Chromebooks a new feature thanks to Chrome OS 102, which notifies users if the USB-C cable they are using could be causing problems. For example, if no monitor can be connected to the Chromebook through the cable or if the performance is lower than would be possible with USB4 or Thunderbolt 3. The new feature is currently reserved for Chromebooks equipped with an 11th or 12th generation Intel Core chip.

Furthermore, the note-taking app Cursive is now available for all Chromebooks that have a stylus. In addition, according to the “Google Watch Blog”, Chrome OS 102 will probably also make it easier to unpack ZIP files. Like other applications, a new button in the compressed files menu should allow the entire archive to be unpacked at the touch of a button. The files are stored in a new folder that is saved in the same directory as the ZIP file. (af)



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