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Looking at those results, the heart rate reading is pretty good, but it starts to deviate when you make quick movements in your heart rate. The 5 in particular seems to have more issues with it, which leads me to suspect that there is still a bit of a stretch with firmware updates. It’s true that neither the 4 nor the 5 come out the best in class if your heart is making fast movements, but if those movements are a little slower, they are very much at the top.

A side note I would like to add, when I look at that heart rate where it goes almost vertically up but also almost vertically down where I have a drop from 170 to 80 in a minute or a drop of no less than 90 beats in see. a minute, that’s not an average joe out there cycling, that’s pro athlete numbers. I understand that they are using an athlete to make it as difficult as possible for the watches, but I wish everyone the best of luck in emulating it.

The sleep tracking isn’t accurate, but notice the scale that doesn’t go to 100 in either direction. This means that there is no watch that can do sleep tracking very accurately.

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