There is no longer a need to use storage units to access files, as Google has been able to give its users access to data on the cloud computing service “Google Drive” without the need for the Internet.

Google Drive provides an “offline mode” mechanism, according to what the company announced on its blog.

Users can now access PDFs, Office files, and photos in offline mode.

But to access these files, they must first be marked for offline access, which enables users to open an Internet browser and view the files even if there is no Internet connection.

Google started making this feature available beta in 2019, and now this is available to all users.

Users can also install the Google Drive application on the computer, but before that, the “offline mode” feature must be activated on the browser.

After the installation process is completed, the mouse is used to click on the right button to see which files can be viewed when offline.

Google made this feature available to all users, even those with a free account.


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