Goodman receives the keys to Nissan and can now operate at the factory

Goodman receives the keys to Nissan and can now operate at the factory

One week after winning the contest for reindustrialize Nissan, Goodman He already has the keys to the factory in the Free Zone. According to sources from the reindustrialization table, from this Wednesday the Australian real estate company can start operating on the land of the Japanese manufacturer, after closing its agreement with the D-hub.

Goodman, who will be the tenant of the land owned by the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona (CZFB), will sublet the industrial plots to the group of companies led by the Catalan companies QEV Technologies and BTech. Last night they signed their final agreement, after closing some fringes of a technical nature that were still in the air. The D-hub has also signed outstanding agreements with Nissan.

These pacts were discussed this morning at the meeting of the reindustrialization table, made up of the unions that represent former Nissan workers, the management of the Japanese company, the Generalitat, the Government and the CZFB itself. Now, All that remains is to definitively sign the contracta process that will take place in the coming weeks while waiting to finalize agendas with the Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, and the Catalan Minister of Business and Labor, Roger Torrent.

This way completion of the project that has to guarantee the reindustrialization process. It is a point and followed that now gives way to the materialization of the agreements signed by Goodman and the hub, and the start of contracts so that the hub can start industrial activity.

In this sense, as of today, the company directed in Spain by Ignacio Garcia He will be in charge of starting the rehabilitation of the factory spaces, before starting to carry out his activities, as well as launching the hub project. The group of companies plans to manufacture electric models of commercial vans Zeriod de QEVwhile BTech will resurrect the Ebro pickup.

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More than two years of meetings

With these agreements, a process that has lasted more than two years after the Nissan Motor Ibérica will announce the closure of the three Catalan factories. Since September 2 of that year, the members of the table began to work in the search for a replacement. During these months, more than 17 reindustrialization projects have been evaluated and in the first phase, the reindustrialization commission approved the company’s project Silence, for the manufacture of electric mobility models and in accordance with the CZFB, the land of more than 61,000 m2 was directly awarded. Later, the agreement was reached for Nissan to maintain its technical center in the factory.

The contest to award the land thus reaches its last phase after months of delay. The bidding began on June 3 with the intention of resolving the contest in the summer. In autumn, the D-hub’s difficulties in closing an agreement with its real estate logistics partner delayed the period for submitting applications. In recent months, the validation of the documentation provided by Goodman, as well as the difficulties in closing the last fringes, have once again extended the final decision.



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