Goodbye to one of the best-known Nintendo Switch emulators on Android

Goodbye to one of the best-known Nintendo Switch emulators on Android

Nintendo keeps shooting down emulation projects that have to do with their hardware and their software. The latest victim has been Skyline, the impressive Nintendo Switch emulator for Android.

Goodbye to one of the best-known Nintendo Switch emulators on Android
Nintendo Switch.

If we have learned anything in recent years, it is that video game companies don’t like emulators. It is understandable, especially if we take into account that there are official miniature replicas of machines from the past such as the NES and SNES Mini, or the PlayStation Classic. There is a market that, logically, they do not want anyone to take advantage of and deprives them of profit.

Nintendo is especially known for tearing down emulation projects or ROM storage pages dedicated to the preservation of old digital material which, on many occasions, is one of the few accesses to that retro technology.

However, this time the wrath of the Japanese technology has not gone against anyone dedicated to emulating its classic consoles, but a much more modern one. According to posted on Android Authority, Nintendo just loaded Skylinethe Nintendo Switch emulator that could be used on Android.

Farewell to an awesome project

Although Android can be installed on the Nintendo Switch, and although there are concepts that can turn the Nintendo Switch into a phone, the truth is that the console of the Big N It has nothing to do with our beloved green android. It is a console designed to be portable and be in the living room at the same time, but it is not a Razer Edge.

And while the aforementioned Switch Phone is still a render imagined by a designer and not a reality, the truth is that Skyline did an impressive job for those who wanted to play their Switch titles on their Android. And with the Nintendo legal action against the emulatorit will still remain pure fantasy to combine the console with Android.

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The Skyline developers announced via Discord that the Big N that stop their development with immediate effect, due to a part of the emulator software called Lockpick. This part of the emulator is responsible for dumping the security keys that Nintendo uses on its console to be used in the emulator.

By way of consolation, the emulator is legal and will not be removed by your repository team. Still, we won’t see Skyline improvements in terms of compatibility or performance in the future. Rest in peace.

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