Goodbye to Atlas, the red and black crack that would come from America; Iñárritu confessed" alt="El delantero de Atlas que llegaría al América" data-amp-auto-lightbox-disable="" i-amphtml-ssr="" data-hero="" i-amphtml-layout="responsive">" alt="El delantero de Atlas que llegaría al América" data-amp-auto-lightbox-disable="" i-amphtml-layout="responsive">
The Atlas striker who would arrive at America

Atlas could be left without one of its forwards, all thanks to America, who would be negotiating the signing of the most recent figure of the two-time Mexican champion, Atlas.

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In an interview for The Last Word of Fox Sports, the operational president of América Héctor González Iñárritu confessed that they would go for a center forward and when they asked him about Julián Quiñones, he preferred to omit the subject so as not to hinder the negotiations between the red and black and blue-and-blues.

González Iñárritu’s expression was clear before the Fox Sports panelists in which he said that América would have a new center forward, leaving the fan open with the case of Julián Quiñones, Atlas forward, who stood out in the two tournaments they achieved the rojinegros the title of Liga MX.

How much would the signing of Julián Quiñones cost America?

According to recent data, America would be offering 7 million dollars for the Colombian Julián Quiñones and in exchange they would offer either of their two forwards Roger Martínez and Federico Viñas, who could land in Atlas for the following season.

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