Goodbye Ralph Gorgeous Garner Sancho Interview – News Digest for May 30th.

Who was your football idol when you were growing up? Jenson M., UK

“My childhood idol was Ronaldinho.”

What do you like more, midfield or attack? Allan M., Kenya


What flank?

“I don’t care where to play.”

Favorite movie? Henrik S., Sweden

“I’m a horror person, I like horror. So I’ll say Winchester. It’s based on real events, I love that kind of horror. I find it very interesting.”

How has moving to another country affected you as a person? Thomas R., Great Britain

“I began to live alone. I learned to live every day without a family – to clean, wash dishes and the like.”

Are you a good cook? Evie L, UK

“Normal. Some people lie and say they cook really well, but I’m fine. I’m not that bad.”

What are you cooking then?

“Pasta, chicken and the like. My usual food.”

Favorite food? Levando M., Tanzania

“Caribbean food. Oxtail with rice and peas.”

What do you like besides football? Isabella D., USA

“I listen to music, play video games.”

DS or Marvel? Moemen A., Egypt

“Marvel. Spiderman, exactly.”

When you found out that you would play with Cristiano Ronaldo, how did you feel? Noah F., UK

“I trembled. I look up to him as a role model, he’s a great player. You look at what he’s done for football, it’s incredible. For a young player who looks up to him, it’s a dream come true.”

Who is your best friend at United? Ethan F., UK

“I don’t have a best friend at United – they are all my best friends.”

Why don’t you have a corporate celebration? Granat M., Kenya

“It has to be! Recently I was looking at my celebrations and it was a bit boring. It’s not like Ronaldo when everyone is yelling ‘Siuu!’ or something like that. I’ll definitely come up with something soon.”

Are you a cat or dog lover? Avatif Z., Malaysia

“Actually, I have a crazy story. I’m a cat lover, but the reason for this is that when I was younger and played football with friends in the park, three dogs came to the park and just started chasing us. We had to climb fences and wait the arrival of the owner. It was a scary moment, and he kind of turned me away from dogs. That’s why I’m a cat lover.”

Which country would you like to visit? Nadia N., Thailand

“Australia was one of them, but we’re going there for pre-season. In every country, I really want to see the world.”

What is your favorite trick? Freddie S., Australia

“Nutmeg. It’s my favorite, it’s a trademark.” [Жертвами мускатного ореха Джейдона в этом сезоне стали Мэтт Кэш из «Астон Виллы», Джеймс Тарковски из «Бернли», Хавьер Манкильо из «Ньюкасла», Джоэл Велтман из «Брайтона» и другие…]

Who did you beat in practice?


Do you have hobbies that are not related to sports? Ayesha O., UK

“Video games – playing with my friends, tournaments and stuff like that.”

Bruno recently said on Twitter that you and he are both DJs in the dressing room, what kind of music do you play? Jack J., UK

“I play Lil Baby, Drake, Chris Brown. It depends on the mood. Sometimes the game starts early, so the music needs to wake me up a bit. Then I’d probably play some Drake. If it’s an afternoon game, it’s more like a house beat “Get your hearts racing. If it’s a night game, it’s Lil Baby and everyone closes in on themselves.”

Do you have new tattoos, tell us about their meaning? Yi Tin H., Taiwan

“Really? How did you notice that? The one here for my mom is her photo. It’s the newest one so far. I’ve always wanted a picture of my mom on my arm.”

What do you like most about living in Manchester? Maya A., UK

“To be at United.”

What is your favorite game in a United jersey? Rachel T., UK

“Probably Tottenham” [дома, победа со счетом 3:2] because of the atmosphere and score.”



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