Due to the dramatic corona situation, an Austria-wide lockdown has been in effect again since November 22nd, and vaccinations will then be mandatory from February. Here are the answers to the most important questions.

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On November 22nd, Austria will go into another lockdown. This should end on December 12th.

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Innsbruck – In Austria, due to the dramatic Corona situation, it has been back on since Monday, November 22nd Austria-wide lockdown for all – also for vaccinated and convalescent people. As already known from earlier such phases, trade, gastronomy and Co. have to close – up to and including December 12th. Thereafter, it should be reopened for vaccinated and convalescent people, but the lockdown for unvaccinated people continues. From February 2022 there should be a Compulsory vaccination give.

The details of the regulations were laid down in an ordinance by Health Minister Wolfang Mückstein (Greens). The following are the cornerstones of the “lockdown” and the planned vaccination measures.

📅 How long is the lockdown in effect?

The lockdown has been in effect throughout Austria (for everyone around the clock) since November 22nd for a period of 20 days – i.e. up to and including December 12th. This means that the exit restrictions that were already in effect in earlier pandemic phases will be restored for all in force – in the end these only applied to the unvaccinated.

🏠 When can I leave my apartment?

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