Good news of the day: Osnabrück tax consultant runs Ironman triathlon in Hawaii

Osnabrück lawyer Christoph Averdiek-Bolwin crosses the finish line of the Ironman 2022 in Hawaii. / Photo: HLB Klein Mönstermann

A lot of bad things happen every day, but a lot of good things too. Unfortunately, good news makes it far too rarely in the press. This will change now, because HASEPOST reports on at least one “good news” every day from the region and from all over the world, if possible.

Dr. Christoph AverdiekBolwin participated in the Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii this year. The tax consultant covered a total distance of 226 kilometers, starting with a 3.86 km open sea swim.

Start and finish at Kailua Kona Pier. After that, the triathletes get on their bikes. From Kailua Pier, the route stretches 180.2 kilometers along the coast. In the final run, the participants have to cover a total distance of 42.195 kilometers (marathon) and 307 meters of elevation gain before finishing on Alii Drive.

The partner of the law firm HLB Klein Mönstermann determined in advance how big the requirements could be. During the high phase of his training program with long cycling and running units and high-intensity interval training, one of his regular corona tests had a positive effect. “A big shock. I had to take a break and when I resumed, my performance indicators were below my usual values ​​for a longer period of time,” says Averdiek-Bolwin. Nevertheless, he continued to pursue his goal and eventually traveled to Kona in Hawaii.

Island offers additional challenges

But there were also additional challenges there: 40 degrees Celsius and high humidity. The starting shot was fired at 07:35 on the day of the competition. While the swim went well, the bike was more difficult to steer due to strong crosswinds. Averdiek-Bolwin provided first aid to a fallen cyclist. The last part of the triathlon pushed the endurance athlete to his limit.

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“The marathon became torture because of stomach problems. I suppressed nascent thoughts of giving up and kept visualizing the finish line in my head,” he reports. The triathlete reached the goal after a total of 14 hours and 20 minutes and felt incredible relief and overwhelming emotions. “As far as sport is concerned, things could have gone better,” he regrets. “But I am grateful to have completed this extreme race. Looking back on this world championship, I realize that the Ironman Hawaii is about more than the laurel wreath; it’s about personal boundaries.”



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