Good news, NVIDIA announces lower GPU prices to its partners

Since 2020, acquiring a graphics card has been a real obstacle course. Many RTX 30XX models have indeed seen their price double or even triple, in addition to significant availability issues. The main cause: the voracious appetite of cryptominers, to the chagrin of the rest of the consumers.

But since the price of Ethereum has seen a steady decline, the price of these products has also started to fall. This trend could be set to accelerate in the coming weeks, since NVIDIA has indicated to its partners a price drop of around 8 to 12%. A reduction which will thus ultimately be passed on to the products of third-party manufacturers.

While this is good news in itself, it does not mean that the availability of graphics cards will necessarily keep pace. Who says lower prices inevitably says a renewed interest for ordinary consumers. Similarly, if the price of Ethereum has fallen, cryptocurrency mining is still very profitable.

Finally, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia could also affect the production of products requiring neon. Remember that Ukraine is indeed a preferred supplier of this precious material. If companies like NVIDIA still have good reserves of neon, a disaster scenario is unfortunately not completely unthinkable…

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