Gongsheng Baojing Annual Commendation Conference brings together Taiwan’s top business elites- Business Times

Gongsheng Baojing Annual Commendation Conference brings together Taiwan’s top business elites- Business Times

The leading insurance broker, Gongsheng Baojing (6028), has entered its 30th anniversary this year. This year’s commendation meeting was specially moved to Kaohsiung, the place where it was founded 30 years ago. Nearly a thousand elite partners from all over Taiwan attended the company together. In the “2023 Business Recognition Conference” of Shengbao Economics, nearly 600 awards were awarded in the whole event. Before the end of the event, two cars, Tesla (TESLA) Model 3 and NISSAN Kicks, were given away, drawing a perfect end to the commendation conference.

Cai Shengwei, general manager of Gongsheng Baojing, said that Gongsheng Baojing will continue to help customers protect what they love and support partners to achieve the future in the next 30 years, and will continue to implement the three major value propositions, provide first-class training resources, and create a leading digital platform , Construct the cornerstone of sustainable development, expect to become a new force who wants to join the economic insurance industry, and the only high-quality enterprise named.

The 2023 Business Commendation Conference of Gongsheng Baojing gathered many elite business partners. In 2022, Gongsheng Baojing has a total of 197 MDRTs, 132 IDAs, and 100 IQA award-winning partners. In addition to winning the competition in the professional field, it will continue to encourage business partners to transform professionally Over the years, so far, Gongsheng Baojing has nearly 600 partners who have obtained various financial planning certifications (RFC, RFA, AFP, CFP) qualifications known for their high standards. Therefore, the top executives of major insurance companies also went south to participate in the 30th anniversary event of Gongsheng.

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Among the awards presented this year, the most star-studded one is the double champion of the top business department and the elite salesman—Zhan Caizhen, senior marketing vice president of Gongsheng Baojing, a former bank manager, who has accumulated nearly 20 years of financial experience , came to the stage of Gongsheng Baojing to shine, and joined Gongsheng Baojing for more than 4 years. Zhan Caizhen has won 3 championships, adhering to the professional knowledge-seeking spirit of continuous improvement and always running ahead of customers, and her outstanding performance is obvious to all. Zhan Caizhen emphasized that “gaining customers’ trust with professionalism” is her success code, and she also thanked Gongsheng for the diversified deployment of education and training, which allowed her to grasp the professional knowledge of taxation, wealth inheritance, and overall economy at any time, as a front-line sprint performance best weapon.

In addition, Gongsheng Baojing, which emphasizes the best entrepreneurial platform, also encourages the development of business partners. Through the establishment of a system, the team will be bigger, the performance will be improved, and a super team will be formed. The top three winners of this year’s benchmarking system award are Lu Zhengwei, the director of the system. , Cai Xinyan System Associate, and He Yinghan Senior System Associate, the system they led continued to break through themselves during the epidemic in the past year, and their performance was quite excellent, which is worthy of praise.

Gongsheng Insurance has entered its 30th year. Since obtaining the first insurance broker license in 1992, it has worked diligently to overcome various challenges and become a leader in the industry. At present, it has more than 5,500 employees and business partners, and has accumulated more than 1 million customers. Not only A pioneer in the insurance brokerage industry in China, he has been adhering to the concept of “not just insurance, we share love” along the way, and has continued to invest in public welfare. In the past 10 years (2013~2022), the accumulated donation amount has exceeded 75 million yuan. Cai Wenjun, chairman of Gongsheng Baojing, said that in the next 30 years, in addition to continuing to operate steadily, he will become the guardian angel of customers with integrity and enthusiasm, and use innovation and sharing as a favorable backing for partner businesses. He will also continue to devote himself to public welfare, through various Public welfare projects convey warmth to the outside world and inject goodness into the society. Cai Wenjun also hopes that all the award-winning elite partners will join the ranks of public welfare, practice public welfare corporate social responsibility, take positive actions to move towards the next 30 years, and create a sustainable future for enterprises!

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