Gomez, Arthur, Paredes: Juve dominated

TORINO – As often happens in the transfer marketyou need a move that triggers a domino effect because the Juventus can achieve their goal to strengthen the midfield: Leandro Paredes. A move that could be made in the next few hours by Fenerbahce, which points Maxi Gomez of Valencia. What does it have to do with Juventus and Paredes? Very very much. The sale of the Uruguayan striker, which is not part of the plans of the Spanish club, would in fact allow the Valencia to free a seat from non-EU citizen and at the same time to lighten the total wages of his salary from about 3 million net. Two events that would almost certainly untie the knots that block the Arthur’s loan transfer to Spain. Certainly the first, namely the fact that the Spanish company currently cannot register non-EU citizens (in addition to Gomez there is also the Brazilian Marcos André, whose sale would have the same effect from this point of view). Probably also the second, or how much of Arthur’s 5 million net salary Juventus should still pay, a stumbling block on which the negotiations have so far stalled: relieved of the almost 6 million gross salaries of Maxi Gomez, Valencia could make the decisive step towards agreement and giving away Arthur a Gattusowho contacted the Brazilian personally on Wednesday.

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Juve A-Juve B 2-0: Locatelli and Bonucci in goal, then the fans take the field

The sale of Arthur would then allow the Juventusfree of at least part of the Brazilian’s salary, to push to find an agreement with the Paris Saint-Germain per Paredes (the Argentine would already be ready to move to Turin). At the moment the parties are locked on loan with right of redemptionthe Juventus position, and sale outright for 15-20 million, that of the PSG. For some time she has filtered the belief that she can build a bridge that connects them: probably a loan with obligation. The official arrival of Renato Sanches in Paris, among other things, he pushes Paredes further towards farewell.

Kostic, there is an understanding: Juve’s strategy

Juve arrives in Villar Perosa: Pogba is an exceptional fan

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Juve arrives in Villar Perosa: Pogba is an exceptional fan


Farewell, always on loan and with part of the salary paid by the bianconeri, which could also be consumed between Juventus and Ruganiyesterday long to talk with Allegri. On the traces of the defender there is always the Galatasaraybut it can be the onslaught that is decisive Sampdoria has plans for today as the plant would like to stay in Italy. In the event of a sale, the Juventus club could bet on Milenkovic of the Fiorentina.

Juve, everything ok with Paredes: via Arthur, summit with PSG

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Juve, everything ok with Paredes: via Arthur, summit with PSG

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