Goldingen SG: Handlebar crashes into a cow – by his own accounts he avoided a fox

On Tuesday shortly before midnight, an unknown driver was driving on Hintergoldingerstrasse from Hintergoldingen SG in the direction of Neuhaus SG. In a left turn, near Sonnenberg, he lost control of his car, as the St. Gallen Canton Police wrote in a media release on Wednesday.

The car skidded, first coming into the oncoming lane and then back onto the normal lane. As a result, the car went off the right side of the road into the meadow. There it crashed into a boundary, broke through the pasture fence and collided with a cow.

Update Wednesday 16:00:
The canton police in St. Gallen reported Wednesday afternoon that the driver had reported. “Before noon, the 33-year-old who caused the accident committed himself to the St. Gallen Canton Police surrendered. According to his own statements, he avoided a fox, which is why his car skidded. Fearing criminal consequences, he left the scene of the accident,” said the capo. The 33-year-old is now being reported to the public prosecutor for various violations of the road and animal protection laws.

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