Golden hands! 17 simple things, transformed into true works of art by skilled craftsmen

If a person is creative, then he has a lot to win, and if, in addition to a well-developed fantasy, there are golden hands, then this is a real jackpot. After all, it is not so easy to design a thing, but to make it exactly as you saw it in your imagination is even more difficult. Fortunately, there are many people with golden hands constantly creating new creative products that look very unusual. Looking at the creations of these talented people, it is simply impossible not to admire both their remarkable talents and diligence. However for the talented, this is just a hobby to escape from the boring daily routine.

“I found an old TV in a junkyard and turned it into a beautiful and cozy cat house”

“This knitted umbrella looks very elegant and even aristocratic”

“I made a dinosaur inspired by my 5 year old son’s drawing”

The cobra head coffee spoon. A very exquisite work!

“Cute beaded brooch made by my mother”

“Today I finally finished this gate. I don’t have many tools, so I made all the shapes according to the template and then cut them out”

“Life-size bear, made of metal. When it’s painted, it will look more realistic”

“I made this stainless steel ring with a maple inlay in the middle”

“My father-in-law made me a replica of the famous Orca ship from the movie Jaws. It’s hard to believe, but he didn’t use any scheme for this, he did it all by himself”

“A Collection of Scented Candles”

“My dog ​​passed away so I turned his leash into a keychain and bookmark. This helped me get over the pain of the enormous loss more easily”

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“I bought an old table, painted it and laid out a mosaic pattern. It turned out something unusual, I like it very much

“With the help of the laser we created such a souvenir in the shape of a fox. It consists of several parts, so it looks very expressive”

Adorable robot puppy made from an old camera and some other details

“I made a candle holder out of epoxy resin and alcohol wax”

Butterfly “Atlas-peacock eyes” life size, made of wire frame and threads. It is almost indistinguishable from the original

“I made an origami alligator. For this, I used a single sheet of paper, which I did not cut at all”

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