Golden Bachelor: These are the candidates

Golden Bachelor: These are the candidates

The candidates are certain: “Golden Bachelor” brings a new facet of dating reality TV in the USA. This year, 71-year-old Gerry Turner will appear on the show for the first time as the older Rosenkavalier. Gerry, who lost his first wife a few years ago, is now looking for his second great love. The show will air on US television on September 28, and now the women who will be fighting for Gerry’s heart are known.

According to broadcaster ABC, 22 women between the ages of 60 and 75 are taking part in the show. The list of candidates includes personalities such as Anna from New Jersey, Christina from California, Pamela from Illinois and Patty from North Carolina. Other participants include former cheerleader Renee, high school teacher Faith and fitness instructor Leslie. Gerry is hoping one of the ladies can win his heart, and some of the contestants are of ripe old age, including 60-year-old Joan, 75-year-old Sandra and former real estate agent Edith.

Which of these 22 ladies do you think will impress Gerry Turner the most? Gerry has clear ideas about his future partner and emphasized this during the application process for the “Golden Bachelor”. He says he’s looking for someone who is active and enjoys sports like golf or pickleball to stay fit, as he explained in an interview with Variety.

Viewers can be curious to see how this unique dating show develops and whether Gerry will find the love of his life among the 22 candidates. With an age range of 60 to 75 years, “Golden Bachelor” promises to offer a fascinating journey into the world of mature love life, which is sure to provide many emotional and entertaining moments.

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