The global gold market monitors any economic events, reports or speeches, because it contributes in one way or another to drawing the shape of the movement of the global gold market, as gold continues to move in a very limited global price channel.

The global gold “ounce” is still in the averages of 1810 to 1820 dollars in the past days, amid a state of anticipation, and the price of the precious metal is moving up and down according to this price channel.

Today, Thursday, September 2, 2021, the market is awaiting the change in Spanish unemployment, US unemployment benefits, and the speech of Bostick, a member of the US Federal Reserve.

The price of gold in Egypt today for 18 karat recorded 676 pounds, 24 karat recorded 903 pounds per gram, 21 karat was 790 pounds, and the gold pound was 6320 pounds.

Gold prices fell during trading yesterday, Wednesday, before the release of economic data, and the yellow metal futures declined by 0.13% for December delivery at $1815.70 an ounce.. Silver futures for December delivery fell 0.5% at $23.89 an ounce.

US private sector jobs data for August is due later, amid expectations of 640,000 jobs added.