Today, Monday, the gold market is awaiting the start of this week’s trading, the announcement of the federal budget in the United States of America, and it may contain numbers and trends that investors in the gold and precious metals markets can take as a way to understand the directions of the American administration during the coming period, and then determine their position on the possession of gold.

Last week, we witnessed a decline in the global price of gold from 1827 dollars an ounce last Monday to 1787 dollars at the conclusion of the trading sessions on Friday, due to positive data that led to the rise of the dollar and then the decline of the price of gold.

Gold prices today, 21 karat records 782 pounds, 18 karat records 670 pounds, 24 karat records 884 pounds, the gold pound records 6256 pounds, an ounce of gold records 1787 dollars, and it is expected that gold prices will change more than once in today’s transactions, Monday

The European Central Bank kept interest rates unchanged at 0.00%, and the emergency bond purchase program was kept at 1.85 trillion euros until at least March 2022, but will continue at a slower pace.

Sentiment in precious metals and stock markets was dampened by worries about growth and fears that central banks may withdraw stimulus more quickly than expected, as the Federal Reserve looks set to announce a tapering soon.


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