Today, Friday, gold prices in Egypt recorded an increase of 5 pounds, to record 21 karat gold, which is the best-selling in the Egyptian market, 780 pounds per gram for the first time this week, against the background of the rise of an ounce of gold to levels of 1787 dollars.

Gold prices today

18 karat records 669 pounds per gram

21 karat records 780 pounds per gram

24 karat records 891 pounds per gram

The gold pound is 6240 pounds

An ounce of gold is 1787 dollars

Global gold recorded a noticeable rise on Friday, July 2, as its attractiveness was boosted by concerns surrounding the spread of the delta strain of the Corona virus, while investors awaited the US non-farm payroll data as it may influence the timing of the Fed’s policy shift.

The most contagious delta strain of the Corona virus caused countries in Asia and Europe to back off plans to reopen, while the White House said it would send special teams to hot spots across the country to combat infection.

The focus is now on the US non-farm payrolls data, which is likely to show an increase of 690,000 jobs last month according to a Reuters poll.

Data on the number of US private sector workers and jobless claims released this week showed that the labor market is gaining speed as the economy fully reopens.