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Gold continued its gains in light of concerns about the global economic recovery and the tension in US-China relations, to record levels not previously recorded, supported by the dollar’s decline and investor appetite for safe havens.

The price of gold at dawn today reached 1944 dollars per ounce, after which it would fall below these levels, at 1930 dollars per ounce.

With these gains, the voices of analysts who expect the yellow metal will soon surpass levels of two thousand dollars.

Gold rises come as officials around the world struggle a second wave that may have already started from infection with the Corona virus as it rises globally.

The Chinese authorities have reported that the number of local infections has reached its highest level since the epidemic was controlled in Wuhan four months ago.

Cases also rose in Australia, Australia, and Victoria, as well as in North Korea.

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The new cases in Spain have returned chaos to the travel market again, after demands from a number of countries such as Britain to subject the returning tourists to a quarantine for two weeks .. In contrast, the wave of new injuries in the states of Florida, Arizona and Texas receded the highest local injuries in Corona 4 months ago.