Going Medieval is currently leading the charts

Publisher The Irregular Corporation and the development studio Foxy Voxel reveal with fanfare and fanfare that their colony-building and survival simulation Going Medieval took the country by storm and sold over 175,000 units in the launch week. The game also topped the weekly sales charts on Steam for the week that ended June 6th.

For everyone who missed the launch discount: Going Medieval is still 10% off as part of the Epic Mega Sale in the Epic Games Store. In addition, you can secure a voucher worth $ 10 / £ 10 / € 10 and save as much as possible when buying the strategy hit.

“We are absolutely blown away with the response Going Medieval “Said Nino Rajačić, Co-Founder and Developer at Foxy Voxel” We felt that the pre-launch betas we held were well received, but the game’s success exceeded our expectations in the best possible way and we could Fans can’t be more grateful for their support. From here on we will focus on making the game even better. “

Vladimir Živković, Co-Founder and Developer at Foxy Voxel adds, “See how Going Medieval beginning his journey in this way is a testament to all the hard work that has been put into it so far, both here at Foxy Voxel and our friends at The Irregular Corporation. But, as everyone can see from our roadmap, there will be a lot more to come on our way through Early Access to the final release. “

Going Medieval sends you back to the year 1346, when the known world is just beginning to recover from the horrors of the black death. Survivors set about repopulating areas that have been reclaimed by nature. You have to lead your village community and protect them from bandits, barbarians and religious fanatics in a classless, limitless and lawless post-disaster era.

Plan and build your settlement with the help of different materials. Protect your village from the elements, hunger, enemies and even the weather and defend your village against rival factions by building impregnable, multi-story castles or strategically placing archers and traps. Watch your residents, each with their own stories and intentions, to learn how you can serve them – the happier, the more productive.

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Going Medieval puts you in control during one of the darkest and most dangerous times in human history – master the dangers or perish like so many before. With almost infinite replay options, no two stages are the same.

Going Medieval is available in Early Access on Steam, GOG.com, and the Epic Games Store. Keep up to date with the latest on Twitter @going_medieval, connect with Foxy Voxel @FoxyVoxel, and compare your settlements with The Irregular Corporation @IrregularCorp.

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