God, God, seriously, fatal mistakes will not be neglected by history.. Written by: Salah Al-Basha – Sudanile

God, God, seriously, fatal mistakes will not be neglected by history.. Written by: Salah Al-Basha – Sudanile

Friday’s hadeeth:
Undoubtedly, one of the biggest mistakes committed by the Rapid Support Forces is storming the homes of the residents of the triangular capital, desecrating them and looting their family belongings (money and gold jewelry), then leaving their doors wide open to be looted by thieves from Nigros and others, and sometimes they bring their women, daughters, and even children to steal property households, including clothing.
These are crimes that occur for the first time in the history of Sudan.
And when the war broke out violently from the first day of its outbreak, the members of the support forces resorted to sheltering in the homes due to the circumstances of the bombing of their camps. Necessity had provisions. Therefore, they were supposed to preserve all the contents of those houses as long as they occupied them as a sanctuary for them and because they belong to the Sudanese people who now bear the consequences of that absurd war that It destroyed all its future, and it is also the first time in modern history that people have been displaced from the country’s capital in droves and alone, inside and outside the country.. Forget about rape crimes, which have become a disgrace in the record of the support march.
Therefore, as we said, the records of history will contain documentation of those ugly phenomena that were stamped by those forces.
Also, giving thieves the opportunity to loot the property of citizens that they bought over many years will become very difficult to obtain again after this disastrous war stops.
This is what makes the residents of the capital, when they return to their homes and find them without furniture, this will create a very great hatred against those crowds that live randomly on the outskirts of the capital, which are pointed by the popular fingers, which leads to the accumulation of injustice among the Sudanese people, and this will automatically lead to the creation of cases of hostility against The residences of those thieves, so they demand to be returned to where they came from many years ago, after the citizens of the capital benefited them throughout all the past years, especially since large groups of them have been displaced from many countries bordering the western borders of Sudan, which leads to a review of their presence in the country when the country stabilizes and the next governments begin to Discuss this matter so that such crimes that threaten the security and stability of the Sudanese people do not continue.
This requires huge efforts during the transitional period in order for the matter to be established after besieging those terrifying groups that have been threatening the security of society for several years before and after the revolution and also during the months of the current war.
The normal and correct situation is for the Rapid Support Forces to besiege these terrorist groups that steal homes, as long as I have support bases in most of the triangular streets of the capital, which is easy to verify.
There is no democracy that our people desire if control is loosened and thefts continue and by the force of arms that spread in the hands of thieves many years ago.
Therefore, the endings for those terrifying thieves will be more dangerous for them popularly if they are not officially settled by the competent authorities.
We hope that the message has reached all concerned parties.
Community security is supposed to be a (red line), but it has become a (gray line).
and no more ;;;;

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