Gnomes Invade Garden Simulator Launch Trailer

Gnomes Invade Garden Simulator Launch Trailer

Lately we’ve had a couple of very popular sims based on what can only be described as common household tasks. This includes Lawn Mowing Simulator in 2021, and PowerWash Simulator last year.

Garden Simulator is another good example of this, and it’s also out in 2022, but only on PC, which means a lot of people never got a chance to try it. It has very positive user reviews on Steam (we haven’t had a chance to play it yet), and now it’s also released for consoles, so more gamers can join in on the digital gardening fun.

It is available for the main formats (PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox). But if you want to see where the shots go with this home garden sim first, you can take a look at the launch trailer for consoles below, which is unsurprisingly packed with gnomes.

Garden Simulator

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