Former Spartak captain Denis Glushakov may return to the Moscow club.

According to RBC, citing a source in “Spartak”, as well as an interlocutor close to the player, Glushakov offered his services to the Moscow club through friends in the management.

Sources claim that the 33-year-old Russian himself asked the management of Spartak to consider his return.

“His relations with the owner of the club, Leonid Fedun, remained good, and this is no secret to anyone. It is too early to say that he will move to Spartak, ”the source said.

It is noted that Glushakov acts without the help of agents and intends to contact the clubs through acquaintances.

“The factor of the negative reaction of the fans should also be taken into account, but the club and the player, through dialogue with the fans, will try to find a way out of the situation if the transition is close,” the source said. However, an interlocutor in the management of “Spartak” assessed the probability of the transition as low due to the high risk of a negative reaction from fans.

A source at Dynamo and an interlocutor close to the player said that the midfielder had also turned to Dynamo.

“For Denis, the priority is to move to one of the Moscow clubs, and Dynamo is also on the list of those teams that he would not refuse,” added a source close to the player.

However, if Glushakov fails to come to an agreement with any of the Moscow clubs, then with a high degree of probability he will continue his career at Akhmat.

Earlier it was reported that Glushakov wants to go to a Moscow or foreign club.

The footballer came to Akhmat in July 2019 after terminating his contract with Spartak.

Last season in the Premier League, the midfielder played 24 games, scored four goals and made one assist.