Gloria Trevi dedicated a song to Rafael Caro Quintero on TV

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This July 15, Rafel Caro Quintero, founder of the extinct Guadalajara cartel, was arrested near the community of San Simón, in the municipality of Choix, Sinaloa, and since this information was released it was recalled that the drug trafficker has been named in different songs and was even portrayed in the series Drug dealers Mexico.

But the one who a few years ago also dedicated a song to Rafael Caro Quintero was Gloria Trevi. At the end of the 90’s, Trevi was one of the most popular singers and because on one occasion she was invited to a program, she took the opportunity to dedicate some verses to the drug trafficker.

The singer was interviewed by Joaquín López-Dóriga and during the conversation, Gloria Trevi addressed the camera and at that moment he began to say a few verses that came to mind. Some of the verses alluded to the drug trafficker’s surname.

“Expensive, you are going to pay dearly. I’m telling you mate, there are crimes that are worse than those for money. Expensive, you are going to pay dearly and those who are like you, and those who were with you, and those who gave you orders and those who obeyed you. Expensive, you are going to pay dearly and if it is not with me it will be with God”.

But that was not all, since Gloria Trevi ccontinued dedicating some verses to Rafael Caro Quintero where he reproached him for attacking innocent people.

“How does it feel to have a mansion and lie down in the pain of so many people? What does it feel like to have a heart that poisons souls and minds? How does it feel to get to know the role of delinquent so thoroughly? What does it feel like to fall asleep and dream only to see hospitals with patients?

Gloria Trevi is not the only singer who has dedicated songs to Rafael Caro Quintero, since Alex Lora composed a song in which, in addition to naming the drug trafficker also mentions Sara Cosío, one of the wives of the now arrested.

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As if that were not enough, Gerardo Ortiz and even The Tigres del Norte have songs dedicated to Rafael Caro Quinterowho was a fugitive for nearly 10 years.




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