Gloria Camila sells her clothes at bargain prices: we tell you where and when

It has finally passed. Many of the clothes in the closet of Glory Camilla they can be ours The daughter of Rocio Jurado y Jose Ortega Cano opens a ‘store’ in Madrid and we have been able to learn, first-hand, all the details. The full sales, opening this ‘pop up’ is the best of the surprises that the young woman could give us.

We know it will be open during this weekend, from this friday (January 20) from five in the afternoon, until Sunday (January 22) at nine o’clock at night. It will be in the Montesa street 39, in Madrid, in the heart of the city. And as the protagonist says: “You can come try and buy all my clothes and many more clothes, of all sizes, styles, all colors and even some brand new.”

We have already begun to look at the clothes that Gloria usually wears to find out what to buy. Suit jackets, knitted sweaters, t-shirts, tops, all kinds of footwear and accessories focused on trends, the colors of the moment and the most ‘top’ cuts. In general, fine fabrics that are comfortable to wear and many garments that are in moda. The young woman has advanced that for purchases of more than 65 euros a special cocktail will be given away.

We know that you are curious to see a closet like hers, so in our gallery we show you some of her best style proposals.

Glory Camilla

Gloria Camilia: we open her closet to inspire you while you decide to buy

a couple of months ago from WEEK we already show you her dressing room. Now, in her new project, the young woman has found in her closet one of the best reasons to get closer to her fans. In addition to photographs of her daily looks, Gloria has taken the opportunity to get fully involved in the world of fashion with the clothes that best suit her.

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Whether you like this style or not, Gloria has become a style icon for young women. Among her favorite clothes: the suits. It does not matter if they are with a vest or with a jacket, the important thing is that it be elegant, very elegant. Rocío Flores’s aunt has fallen for what is, without a doubt, one of the trends of the year. Her favorite way to wear them is with sandals that also make her look very stylish. But so that you can see some of her favorite clothes, we have made a selection with her most acclaimed outfits. Keep going down!



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