Global website crash due to problems with Fastly server network


LONDON.- Websites of important companies and media from around the world – and even the British government and the White House- they stopped working this morning for a fall in Fastly, a North American company that acts as a content distribution network and It supports applications and internet pages.

While some websites they showed difficulties in loading, others they did not allow navigation. At Fastly’s headquarters, located in San Francisco, they recognized the problem just after 7 o’clock (Argentine time) and assured that they were in full investigation of what happened.

The affected portals included numerous media -among them THE NATION, The Guardian, CNN, The New York Times, Le Monde, BBC-. Also Amazon and even the British government website and the White House website.

What is Fastly, the company behind the global website crash

“The problem was identified and is being fixed”, they secured from Fastly, at 7.44. By 7.57, they reported that the error had been solved, but they warned about the possibility of customers experiencing longer time to load content until services fully return.

“We identified a service configuration that produced interruptions in our POPs globally and we have disabled that setting. Our global network is back online ”, they tweeted from the company, after 8 o’clock.

Cristina Kirchner and the failure of an experiment

POP is the acronym in English for Point of Presence, which according to Techopedia is the point where two or more communication networks or equipment connect to each other. Generally refers to a physical location that, depending on that site, may include a router, switches, servers and other devices for data communication.

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Fastly provides cloud computing capabilities, vital to many of the high-profile websites around the world, to which helps to store content -or with the hidden-, in order to be closer to the users.

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