Global Wealth Report – The Swiss have almost half a million assets


Despite the corona crisis, assets have grown worldwide. Adults in Switzerland have an average of almost $ 464,000.

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Despite the corona crisis, wealth has increased worldwide and has reached a record value of 250 trillion dollars.

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The Boston Consulting Group's Global Wealth Report 2020 shows which 10 countries have the most millionaires.

The Boston Consulting Group’s Global Wealth Report 2020 shows which 10 countries have the most millionaires.

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Australia ranks 10th.  Around 300,000 millionaires live there.

Australia ranks 10th. Around 300,000 millionaires live there.


  • The wealth in Switzerland grew by four percent in 2020.

  • Because in the crisis, people were less able to spend their money.

  • The number of the super-rich has also risen worldwide.

The pandemic has temporarily shut down economic life. Nevertheless, the Swiss have more money: the local wealth grew by around four percent to 3.3 trillion dollars in 2020, as the Global Wealth Report of the Boston Consulting Group BCG shows.

An adult in this country has an average fortune of around $ 464,000. This figure includes assets including money, bank accounts, stocks and investments, but excluding real estate and cars. Only in Liechtenstein with an average of 1.3 million dollars and Hong Kong with 583,000 dollars are wealth per person even higher.

In general, despite the pandemic, global assets have risen to a record $ 250 trillion. This is due to the good performance of the stock markets. “In addition, more was saved because there were few alternatives to spend money during the crisis,” explains Anna Zakrzewski, head of the asset management department.

600,000 millionaires in Switzerland

The number of the super-rich has also increased worldwide. In total, 60,000 people around the world now count as ultra-rich. That’s 6,000 more than in 2019. Together they own $ 22 trillion. Their number has been increasing annually by 9 percent since 2015.

Most of the super-rich live in the United States. An estimated 20,600 people there have assets of over 100 million dollars. There are around 700 to 800 ultra-rich people in Switzerland. That’s why there are a lot of millionaires in this country. In an international comparison, Switzerland ranks 5th in the millionaire ranking.

In this country, 575,000 people own over a million dollars, according to BCG. 8.1 percent of the Swiss population are dollar millionaires. According to BCG, the number should continue to rise and Switzerland could have 650,000 millionaires by 2025. The largest number of people with net worth over a million are in the United States with 17.1 million people.

You can find out in which ten countries the most millionaires live in the picture gallery above.

China is well on its way to overtaking the US as the most ultra-rich country by the end of the decade, the Boston Consulting Group predicts. Because in the Middle Kingdom, the investable wealth of the very rich is increasing at an annual rate of 13 percent. By 2029, China will be home to the ultra-rich valued at $ 10.4 trillion. The US super-rich, on the other hand, will only have total assets of $ 9.9 trillion by 2029, according to the forecast.

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