Global Health to “Sky News Arabia”: This is the reality of “Deltacron”

The director of the World Health Organization’s Infection Risk Prevention Program, Abdel Nasser Abu Bakr, told “Sky News Arabia” that “on the ground, there is no mutant called (deltacrone) approved by us, according to an expert in Cyprus.”

Abu Bakr added: “We cannot combine two mutations into one. We have a new and different mutant called Omicron, and it has some similar and different mutations (from previous versions), and therefore it has a mutation greater than delta and alpha.”

He stressed that “each mutant is related to the previous one, and therefore there is some link between Omicron and Delta, but we did not adopt the emergence of a new mutant in the name of Deltakron, according to the evidence that we have that did not show a new mutant.”

Abu Bakr stressed that the World Health Organization continues to investigate the new data issued by Cyprus, and reports on the new mutagens and the extent to which they are alarming or not, adding that “the organization has strict rules in determining the emergence of new mutagens.”

In the first week of 2022, a scientist in Cyprus said that his team had discovered a new mutant of the Corona virus, which was called “deltacrone”.

“Currently there is a co-infection between Omicron and Delta,” said microbiologist Leondios Kostrikis, professor of biological sciences at the University of Cyprus and head of the Laboratory for Biotechnology and Molecular Virology.

It is possible for Corona mutants to recombine their genomes and form new strains, but in the case of “Deltakron” the situation appears different, and experts believe that there is a wrong conclusion.

With regard to the emergence of cases infected with Corona infection and the influenza virus at the same time, a condition known as “Florona”, Abu Bakr said that patients “may be exposed to simultaneous infections, whether with Covid or other viruses, especially those who suffer mainly respiratory infections.”

He pointed out that we are in a period of increasing seasonal flu infections, and it is expected that it will continue until mid-March.

The official at the World Health Organization pointed out that “the number of cases infected with Florona is small, but this does not prevent a high incidence of it,” noting that the cases that were infected with it “did not show strong symptoms.”

And the world recorded cases in which people contracted the Corona and influenza viruses at the same time, or were infected with the two viruses in succession.



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