Glitchpunk kommt am 11. August in den Steam Early Access

After the reveal in January, publisher Daedalic Entertainment and developer Dark Lord are now announcing the start of Glitchpunk’s Steam Early Access for August 11, 2021. The cyberpunk game with a GTA 2 feel takes place in a dystopian future and a chaotic world that has fallen apart.

Glitchpunk is a top-down action game where players shoot their way through a neon-soaked world of gangs and cults, chasing, stealing, sneaking, and building relationships. This game isn’t just about blowing things up – it also tells a compelling story of transhumanism, xenophobia and religion. Players can influence the world around them, make friends, face countless opponents, and maybe even win the affection of a former enemy.

Glitchpunk starts with two cities – Outpost Texas and New Baltia – in Early Access, and two more cities – Neo Tokyo and Moscow – will be added over time. Each of the cities has its own gangs and characters, but also continues the exciting story of the protagonist. More information on Glitchpunk’s Early Access can be found in a detailed road map, which will be available soon after launch.

The protagonist of Glitchpunk is a malfunctioning android who rebels against her own programming and the tyrannical governments and mega-corporations of a dystopian future. She tries to make her own way in different cities teeming with drug-filled gangs, aggressive police and irresponsible drivers who make every mission unpredictable. She steals cars, leads her opponents on crazy chases and fights with a selection of melee and ranged weapons. She can equip her body with various technologies that allow her to manipulate her surroundings and improve her skills.


  • Brutal top-down action with a huge arsenal of weapons
  • With the help of hacking pedestrians and machines can be controlled
  • Different means of transport, including trains, tanks, motorcycles, buses, trucks and of course lots of cars
  • Wild car chases with the police and up to ten wanted levels
  • Twelve gangs with individual stories, missions and cultures
  • Diverse biomes, from the quilted remains of the USA to Soviet cyberpunk Russia in the post-nuclear winter – two biomes are available from the start, two more will be added later
  • Mature story with multiple endings
  • Rare mix of graphic styles with 2D sprites in a 3D world
  • In-game radio with music from artists from all over the world, news channels and absurd advertising

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