Glitch clears the players’ memory files

Halo Infinite: When your saved player files are all gone … – (C) 343 Industries – Screenshot: DailyGame (PC version)

Halo Infinite was able to convince me and many other critics. However, it seems a serious technical problem to give that has been reported by some players. So they can Saved game files from the campaign and multiplayer will be corrupted.

While there are no problems with Halo Infinite for most players, some were unable to start the game via PC Game Pass, but those who did it could now lose their game progress.

Several players have this problem on Resetera’s forums and Halo Waypoint reported. These complaints all look pretty similar: gamers end up with corrupted game files and are forced to start over on both Xbox and PC.

A Halo Infinite player shared a video on Resetera detailing how how the bug can actually damage your game files. The same post also mentions that there may be a there are duplicate logon prompts that actually trigger this error, and players should avoid logging in again to protect their save files. So it is better to quit the game completely than to log in again and overwrite your existing save points.

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The memory error seems to run across all versions, i.e. Steam, Windows Store and Xbox. It even affects Halo Infinite’s multiplayer achievements.

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Halo Infinite Community helps 343 Industries pinpoint errors in the game in detail

A post on the Halo subreddit from TonySoprano300 was able to fix a bug in the multiplayer of Halo Infinite. The player identified a desync problem. In the video, he made a head-to-head comparison of client and server inconsistencies, with the same player experiencing two different things due to desynchronization.

The post was seen by a 343 developer after garnering a few tens of thousands of likes. The developer replied to the player, “I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate this thread. The discussion and videos were very thorough and the steps to reproduce make it easy for us to verify the issue in retail. I sent the “How To” video to the UCN (network) developers and we’re going to have the test team investigate this internally. If we can reproduce the problem with our latest internal builds, we’ll look for a bug and dig deeper into it. “

Nice to see that the community and developers can work together so well.

This is how it can work!  Players give the developers helpful tips on how to fix bugs in Halo Infinite.  - (C) 343 Industries - Screenshot: DailyGame (PC version)

This is how it can work! Players give the developers helpful tips on how to fix bugs in Halo Infinite. – (C) 343 Industries – Screenshot: DailyGame (PC version)

Halo Infinite is now available for Windows PC, Xbox Series X / S, and Xbox One. Just yesterday the multiplayer got four new playlists, including “Slayer”.

We’ll see how things go with Halo (Infinite), after all, Microsoft has registered a new trademark called “Halo: Endless”.



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