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  • Giulia Siegel’s son Nathan is gay.
  • The mother of three has always known, as she reveals in an interview.
  • “For a mother, a gay son is a gift,” explains the reality TV star.

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DJane and reality TV star Giulia Siegel and her son Nathan spoke about his homosexuality in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”. They both agreed that both had “always” known. “You notice something like that early as a mother. For example, when he was a little boy in my bathroom and wanted to wear a green princess dress to school,” she recalls.

In addition, Nathan had always been very empathetic, had almost only girls in his circle of friends and wanted to go to cooking class from the first grade – “which we had to get through with the director especially for him at the time”.

Giulia Siegel: “Homosexuality shouldn’t really be an issue anymore”

Nathan himself only really realized it “when I noticed that it is obviously not so normal for others, that is to say for society, that I love and kiss men”.

“Homosexuality shouldn’t really be an issue anymore – but in Germany it is made into one again and again,” says Giulia Siegel, summarizing her experience. In the past year, she herself was often publicly attacked for allegedly having something against gays. Despite the obviously absurd hostility, she kept her mouth shut the whole time. “But now I don’t want that anymore and I think that such a topic should be dealt with openly and naturally,” she says.

“There’s a man in bed with Nathan!”

Always suspecting something and being certain about it are two different things. But one day “the unwanted but official outing” of her son happened, as Siegel says. “I came home from a DJ gig. As always, I went to the children’s room, aired the room briefly, fluffed up the covers at Nathan’s house – and saw four hairy legs there,” she says of the moment. Then she immediately called her boyfriend and said: “Schatzi, Schatzi, it’s out now! There is a man in bed with Nathan!”

At eleven o’clock Nathan came into the kitchen and said: “‘Mom, I’m gay!’ And I like: ‘I know!’ “, She recalls. And adds: “A gay son is a gift for a mother because he is always very close to his mother and stays with him for a long time.”

Son Nathan moves in with his friend Raphael

Nathan is already making plans for the future with his friend Raphael. “We’ve been together for over a year. We’re even moving in here in Munich next month, it will be very exciting,” he says.

They even discussed the subject of children. But then, in typical Giulia fashion, mum interferes briefly: “My children should only have children when they can afford a nanny themselves. I won’t play the nanny and grandma at the same time.”

In addition to Nathan, Giulia Siegel has two other children. She has been in a relationship with restaurateur Ludwig Heer since 2016.
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