Giucas Casella caught in the night, total shock

Giucas Casella was caught in the night in the house of Big Brother Vip. Very serious accusations against him, but there is evidence …

Giucas Casella (Twiter screenshot)

From the stars to the stables: Giucas Casella plunges dramatically. Let’s see what happened in the last few hours to the competing magician of Big Brother Vip.

Giucas Casella’s reality show started in the name of theater. The magician enjoyed being teased by Alfonso Signorini and his companions. A guarantee of irony and laughter that brought a lot of lightness inside the house. Giucas has always been out of quarrels, with the most striking clashes and schemes, leading a GF Vip full of fun. Now the laughter is over.

What has Casella been up to? In the last few hours he has said all sorts of things, boycotting himself like a child who is discovered with his hand in jam. During a conversation with Sophie Codegoni he told him what suggest from the confessional and dispensed advice to the girl on how to emerge in reality: “They want couples”. So far nothing sensational, considering that the public feeds on love stories of reality TV. Giucas but then he slips and falls directly into an abyss where he shouts: “Get out now, clown!”

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“He’s acting stupid”: Giucas Casella misled

Giucas Casella and Katia Ricciarelli
Giucas Casella and Katia Ricciarelli (Twitter screenshot)

Suddenly Box he brings out a poison that no one thought ran in his veins and gossip about Federica, the new entry of Big Brother Vip, inside to seduce Gianmaria. He then insists on Sophie and explains to her like an oracle:

People have to see that you are together. If you want to save it, you have to do it. The day before the episode you have to sleep together.

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Mediaset Extra viewers point the finger at him and want him out decreeing his falsity: “He pretends to be a fool, but he’s the smartest of all”. And in the night it flies in trend with the hashtag #fuorigiucas.

I know Giucas Casella until a few days ago he was already with one foot in the final, now he is a candidate for expulsion by the public who claim to kill him at the first useful televoting. Will the magician be able to raise his prices?



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