According to Hans Kluge, head of the WHO European Office, in the winter, covid can take up to half a million lives if the EU countries do not introduce stricter restrictive measures, the BBC reports.


The organization’s specialists are very alarmed by the increase in the incidence and advise to continue to actively use protective masks and get vaccinated. With the cold weather, says Kluge, another wave of coronavirus is sweeping across Europe. Plays a detrimental role and mutation of covid.

At the same time, the expert stressed that compulsory vaccination can only be considered as the most extreme measure, however, public discussion regarding such a measure is also necessary.

The higher officials of a number of European states have recently resorted to tightening restrictions in the light of the increase in morbidity. According to government officials, this can motivate the unvaccinated to get vaccinated and contribute to the formation of herd immunity. Thus, Austria introduced lockdown on Monday, and Denmark allowed only holders of covid passports to visit entertainment venues and events.

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