GISMETEO: Traces of the polio virus in the drains of London called a national emergency – Coronavirus epidemic

UK health authorities have reported that traces of the polio virus have been found in the sewers of London. This was declared a national emergency.


The second serotype of poliovirus (or rather, its traces) was identified on the territory of a wastewater treatment plant in the eastern part of the British capital. The work of the plant affects almost 4 million citizens living in the surrounding areas.

It is specified that up to 3 episodes of the presence of a vaccine-associated virus in sewage samples are detected annually in the UK. But the current situation is special in that the discovered isolates have a genetic relationship.

According to experts, the majority of those infected with polio carry the disease without symptoms, and transmission of the infection occurs mainly through the oral-fecal route, more rarely through unwashed food and untreated water. Sometimes the virus contributes to the development of serious diseases, including paralysis, if the patient has not been vaccinated before.

The last time wild poliovirus was detected in the body of a British citizen was in 1984. After 19 years, the country officially declared that it had finally defeated the virus, and since 2004 it has stopped using oral polio vaccines.

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