GISMETEO: Thousands of people in the Philippines were affected by the earthquake – Nature

Over 12.9 thousand Filipinos were affected in one way or another by the earthquake that struck the archipelago on July 27. According to official figures, four deaths were recorded, although five were previously reported dead and 64 injured.


The country has deployed 21 evacuation centers, which housed 567 citizens. About 1200 residents were evacuated in advance.

As a result of the cataclysm, 857 residential buildings were damaged, 11 more were completely destroyed. The amount of damage to infrastructure is estimated at about $608,000. Serious damage was caused to 23 roads, five bridges. Nearly four dozen cities have experienced power outages, but power has already been restored in 36 settlements.
In the province of Arba, President Ferdinand Marcos is scheduled to visit to obtain operational information on the ground.

The magnitude of the earthquake was 7.0.

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