GISMETEO: Studies of a new radio burst in space raised a number of new questions – Science and space

An international team of astronomers has announced the discovery of a second fast radio burst. The phenomenon is intense short radio frequency bursts that last milliseconds.


The phenomenon was discovered in 2007 by graduate student David Narkevich and his supervisor Duncan Lorimer. What is the source of the observed events remains a mystery, but scientists are getting closer to unraveling it.

First radio burst

Another surge 20190520B discovered thanks to a spherical radio telescope in Guizhou, China in May 2019. Further observations were coordinated by the California Institute of Technology. In the process, a number of weaker permanent radio emissions were identified, thanks to which the telescope Subaru localized the source in the Hawaiian Islands. It is located in a dwarf galaxy about 3 billion light-years from our planet.

According to astronomer Casey Lowe, this source is an almost perfect “double” of the previous one. Now researchers are faced with the question of whether there is an evolution of sources and what it is.

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